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Magnetic Resonance Energy - Spectrum . . .

. . . Being four physical expressions: Radiated, Reflected, DeflectedandAbsorbed; and it becomes useful only when displaced from itís ambient background. Being other than ambient, a pressure, or potential, develops which needs to return to its background .The Leg between displacement and equilibrium is then Useful Energy. The Physics of Useful Energy requires disturbing the ambient background. InMagneticSystems this occurs when non ionic electrons, present every where, are disturbed by alternating the magnetic wave environment causing left or right spin in the reverse of the acting force. Pulsating magneticflux , when deflected, become electricalflux , and vice versa. The greater the spin rate ( frequency ) the greater the displacement from ambient , thegreater the magnetic flux produced by this disturbance ,when captured becomes useful energy.

The electrical side of the equation is fully described via conventional physics.ItísobviousheatdeathcurtseyofOhmísLawiswronglyacceptedasproofthatoverunityisimpossible .The magnetic side and its obvious benefits, are only now coming to light.†††† Benefits include:

Multiple copies of the existing magnetic flux energy can be produced without depleting the source. Receptors present in the magnetic resonance flux field duplicate the field without diminishing it. In conventional systems the magnetic side of the equation is radiated ,ignored and wasted.

Magnetic resonance is not diminished when it is amplified , copied and fed back into the system. Multiple copies of this source, when fed back into the system, enables Self Sustainable Energy Devices.